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It is only enough to take a tour of the streets of El Salvador to notice the great real estate growth that has occurred in the last 10 years, vertical constructions are increasingly gaining strength, there are hundreds of residential and commercial buildings that are already built. and in development, with increasingly ambitious buildings, seeking a common goal: Satisfy current market needs, exceeding expectations through technological advances, sustainable with the environment and in turn in strategic locations that allow the user to have a remarkable quality of life.

Latest real estate projects

The Salvadoran real estate market is undergoing constant evolution, bringing with it new ideas, innovations that give way to new trends such as the construction of «mixed projects», this type of construction that tries to integrate a commercial life where before it was only intended for a community residential, this seeks to meet the daily needs of the inhabitants, eliminates or reduces the need for people to have to travel long distances from their homes to places of daily use such as supermarkets.

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It is a remarkable change, real estate evolution is not only about creating buildings without objectives, without thinking about the new requirements of society, it is about creating properties that represent a significant benefit, a change in lifestyle that allows the user have tranquility, convenience and comfort inside and outside your apartment or house in El Salvador. And without a doubt, the developers in El Salvador have taken this work with great responsibility, creating room projects that represent each of the factors that could make a home quality.

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A good example of these innovative constructions is the Millennium Multiplaza Plaza, a mixed-use complex, a 30-story tower, with different areas for the enjoyment and comfort of visitors, ranging from commercial to entertainment areas for all audiences, corporate offices , hotel, residential apartments, gym, sports courts, auditorium and even a terrace (skydeck) on the top floor to contemplate a majestic view of the Salvadoran capital.

We can also mention the development of Plaza Presidente, another important mixed-use building, which will have 23 levels of height, integrating different rooms and commercial spaces, with apartments, a hotel and a shopping center.

According to data from the Salvadoran Chamber of the Construction Industry, at the beginning of 2019 there were already 76 new projects rooms in different phases of planning, procedures and construction, an estimated delivery time of at least 3,000 new homes is by 2021, thus increasing investment expectations, encouraging new people to make the decision to take the final step of acquiring real estate in El Salvador, even this also boosts the economy due to the factor of generating new jobs, force labor required to lift any architectural work.

Areas of El Salvador that grow relentlessly

The influence of new housing and commercial real estate projects and constructions already under development are evident mainly in the most exclusive areas of the country, we are talking about areas such as San Salvador, Antiguo Cuscatlán and neighboring Santa Tecla. In these areas there are already hundreds of new constructions of shopping centers, squares and corporate buildings.

They are presented as attractive areas, desired by many people to settle and take them as their place of residence, investing in houses for sale in San Salvador, apartments or to invest in a commercial property and start a business.

Influences on new real estate trends

Due to the supply and demand generated by new buildings, developers are striving every day to present different proposals to consumers interested in investing in real estate, this being a competition that benefits economic growth, generating different options to please customers. tastes and particular requirements of each investor.

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This new influence of innovative buildings has created a more sophisticated market, which leads developers to think outside the box and provide added value to investors. The amenities in the buildings have become something important, with spaces that provide well-being, quality of life and family enjoyment.

The new vertical constructions

Vertical constructions have gained great strength in El Salvador, a positive element is that it solves the limitation of space, but at the same time presents great benefits. The demands or tastes of people have changed, the way of choosing a property is no longer defined by large spaces or having a garden, they are other

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